"Its Majesty" CHOCOLATE



Chocolate lovers become addicted to chocolate


Chocolate gives a sense of pleasure that people wish to feel again and again; however, no physical addiction is caused.


Chocolate causes skin reactions (acne)

Research has shown that acne has no connection with eating chocolate.


Chocolate causes tooth decay

Researchers suppose that the decay is most often caused by food that remains long in the mouth rather than sugar; for example, suckers, or food which sticks to the teeth.

High quality chocolate melts fast in the mouth and does not attach to the teeth. Furthermore, the researchers have shown that cacao may be useful for the dental health due to an antioxidant flavanol, and other composite materials that protect the teeth from cavity.


Chocolate is a common allergen

Chocolate causes adverse reactions very rarely. The majority of people, who have allergies, are intolerant to milk, eggs, peanuts, soya, wheat, etc., which sometimes are added into the composition of chocolate. 

Chocolate increases cholesterol in the blood

The cacao butter that is present in the composition of the chocolate contains much fat; however, it does not raise cholesterol, same as olive oil or avocado.

If the chocolate is valuable for me, it is valuable for my pet too

Chocolate is harmful for cats and dogs, as well as for some other pets. A small quantity of teobromine tones up, but for cats and dogs, it is poisonous.